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G10 - oil pump gasket

Oil pump gasket

G11 - Water pump gasket

Water pump gasket

G12 - Fuel pump spacer/gasket

Fuel pump spacer/gasket

G13 - Thermostat gasket

Thermostat gasket

G14 - Rocker cover gasket

Rocker cover gasket

G15 - Bell housing gasket

Bell housing gasket

G16 - Selector cover gasket

Selector cover gasket

G17 - Gearshift gasket

Gearshift gasket

G18 - Spigot gasket

Spigot gasket

G19 - Tailshaft / gearbox extension housing gasket

Tailshaft / gearbox extension housing gasket

G20 - diff gasket

Diff gasket

G21 - Carb base gaskets 1200

Carb base gaskets 1200

G22 - Carb base gaskets 1500

Carb base gaskets 1500

G23 - Carb base gaskets Weber

Carb base gaskets Weber 28/36

G24 - Lotus cam cover gasket

Lotus cam cover gasket

G25 - Lotus water pump gasket

Lotus water pump gasket

G26 - Lotus exhaust manifold gaskets (set 4)

Lotus exhaust manifold gaskets (set 4)

G27 - Lotus cyl head to front cover gasket

Lotus cyl head to front cover gasket

G28 - Lotus head gasket

Lotus head gasket

G29 - Lotus cam bore seals

Lotus cam bore seals

G30 - Lotus Head set

Lotus Head set with head gasket

G31 Lotus Bottom End Gasket Set

Lotus bottom end Gasket set (4 bolt crank)

G32 Head Gasket Set X-Flow Gt & E

Head Gasket Set 1600 X-Flow Gt and E

G33 Head Gasket Set Std X-Flow

Head Set to fit std spec X-Flow Engines 1300 & 1600

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