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Where it began - Mike Jordan

Cortina Mk1 GT

Way back in 1982 I along with Roger Raisey started the MK1 Cortina O.C.

This was instigated by my owning a GT Mk1 and was having problems finding anything other than oil and filters. I placed a letter in Practical Classics and Roger contacted me. The rest is a very long history and I presently chair the club and Roger provides technical support.

The GT in question was TWC 691E and I have just finally revived the car in time for our big 50th Birthday next year. The car itself has been through ‘the mill’ over the years and has a very ‘chequered career’ which I will not bore anyone with.

I have had to do it on the cheap unfortunately with some green seats re-sprayed black, ditto the trim, lots of help from club members with parts, a bit of luck with a period woodrim steering wheel and even more luck with some period wolfrace slot alloys (sprayed to keep costs down).

Then came the biggest headache---DVLA. It originally had a V6 put in (long story) and the log book still stated that. What a performance getting back to original size engine. They wanted a receipt from the fitter (me was not acceptable) and 1498cc was not an engine size on their books. Some ‘jobsworth’ had regular correspondence from me for 6 months before we got there. I got the engine builders who bored and fitted new pistons to give me a blank receipt to fill in---(so they fitted it!) and I had to send an original Ford glove box service booklet to show they did do 1498cc. I then had trouble reading the engine number on the block so asked Marcel (our club helper) for some GT engine numbers around 1966 then made up a number—DVLA had suggested I pay the AA to come round and verify everything, which costs £130 but I got round that with the receipt.

So, I suggest 2 things, 1. Lie. 2 . If you can’t then make it up.

Spec includes modified stainless exhaust, modified back brakes with really big levers which helps make hand-braking fun, new carpets and boot mat, rebuilt engine, 2nd hand gearbox, 4.1 diff rather than 3.9, full re-spray, wolfrace slot alloys, lowered 1”.

 The car is now run-in, goes in the right direction, feels very light compared to the Capri and will hopefully make it to shows when I get time

 Mike Jordan

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