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Flywheel bolt problem Disc brake hub and rotor differences
Radiators Wing mirrors
Original wheel trims Mudflap mounting
Fan blades Rotor buttons


I discovered this different size ball joint when working on a club members car recently. The ball joint on the left has a smaller bore than the one on the right. Which means currently available ball joint repair kits will not fit the L/H example.
These are the two sizes of exhaust ring hanger rubbers that are fitted to MK1 Cortinas. The smaller ring being fitted to 6/65. The larger ring is fitted from 6/65 to 10/66 models
This image shows an over tightened flywheel bolt that has stretched. This will not tighten to correct torque if re-used


Above is an image showing the 3 different types of brake calipers fitted to the MK1.
From left to right. The P16 fitted to 6/66 on GT and Lotus. Next the P14 as fitted to GT and Lotus prior to 6/66. Then the caliper LU14 fitted to all standard vehicles after 10/64

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This brake drum was fitted on standard car from 10/64 till end of production. The reason for different drums was the difference in length of the half shaft or axle.
This brake drum is fitted to early model standard cars up to 10/64
This brake drum was fitted to GT and Lotus and can be recognized by its heavy casting. These were used throughout production of the MK1

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Pre air flow models does not include stoplight switch

They are lighter in construction with out pedal stop

Air flow models have a different pedal shape for clutch also the pedal box is a much beefier construction

Pushrod also attaches on the opposite side, wavy washer - pushrod - plain washer and finally the 'R' clip

These images will help you to correctly align master cylinder push rods onto the pedal box for your model. It is very easy to get the orientation wrong.

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There a 2 hubs and two different sizes of disc rotors. Early GT's and Lotus used 109E-1110 hubs (this is cast in between the two flanges) Notice the wider hub.


These use a 3/8" thick disc with the P14 caliper. This was used on cars up to 10/65.







Standard/deluxe and Super airflows used the disc/hub configuration after 10/64 but with a LU14 caliper



GT's and Lotus after 10/65 used the 3004E/3014E hub with the 1/2" thick disc and the larger P16 caliper, together with the infamous self adjusting rear brakes which were not terribly successful and caused problems during production.

Now as can be seen in the pics the later hub is indeed wider (same w/bearings) and this allows the road wheel to clear the caliper as whilst in each case it is possible to fit late discs to early hubs (and vice versa) the wheel will foul the caliper and the thicker disc on the early set up will stop fitment of pads whereas you can successfully use the thinner discs with the P16 hub and caliper.



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Known as 'bucket radiators' the larger radiator on the left of this picture is for a 1500 engine, while the smaller one on the right is for 1200 engine.


The correct wheel trim for a MK1 Cortina (13 inch)
While this image is original equipment for a 105E Anglia (13 inch)


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Ford factory instructions for correct fitment on the wing. Above is the original arm and head combination which is still available from Club Spares. Ford had a diff combination for each model and the head is the same as the 105E Anglia but that car had a diff arm.


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The upper fan blade is MK1 part # 109E-8606. the lower fan blade is from a 105E water pump which has been used on the MK1 and corsair
Here is an assortment of rotor arms that can be found. Some of these have failed in recent times. The rotor arms with the crosses on them were nearly new and have failed in the last 2 months and it appears similar to a number of condenser failures being experienced some years back. It only 'appears' to effect the rotors with a rivet in them. The red rotor is remanufactured item from Club spares which mimics the last genuine Lucas pattern and is supposed to be the 'bees knees'. Failures accured with 25D4 distributors in different cars.

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