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EN1 - Camshaft GT

GT Camshaft

EN2 - Camshaft Std

STD camshaft

EN3 - Camshaft followers

Cam followers

EN4 - Valve spring set

Valve springs

EN5 - Rocker shaft

Steel competition Rocker shaft with end plugs and circlips

EN8 - Crankshaft sprocket

Crankshaft sprocket (1200/1500)

EN9 - Camshaft sprocket

Camshaft sprocket

EN10 - Timing Chain

Timing Chain

EN11 - Timing chain tensioner

Timing chain tensioner

EN12 - Timing chain pad

Timing chain pad

EN13 - Timing cover oil seal

Timing cover oil seal

EN14 - Oil pump screw on filter

Oil pump – screw on filter

EN16 - Camshaft lock tabs

Camshaft lock tab

EN17 - Flywheel lock tabs

Flywheel lock tabs

EN20 - Engine mounts

Engine Mounts 1500 / GT / LotusRemanufactured on club ...

EN21 - Oil pressure switch Std

Oil pressure switch Std

EN22 - Engine breather elbow 9/62 - 10/64

Engine breather elbow 9/62 - 10/64

EN23 - Engine breather elbow 10/64 - 11/66

Engine breather elbow 10/64 - 11/66

EN25 - Sump plug & wasker

Sump plug nut & washer

EN26 - Sump plug sealing washer

Sump plug sealing washer

EN28 - Small end bush

Small end bush price is for one bush

EN30 - Spigot Bearing 15mm hole

Spigot bearing Roller type (15mm hole)

EN31 - Spigot Bearing 17mm hole

Spigot bearing (17mm hole)

EN32 - O-ring distributor shaft

O-ring distributor shaft

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