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Fuel System

F2 - Carb kit: Weber DCOE (ea carb)

Carb kit: Weber DCOE (ea carb)

F3 Zenith VN2 carburetor

Zenith carb (new old stock) contact bob for pricing and ...

F4 - Misab twin 40DCOE carburretor to inlet manifold seals (set

Sidedraught weber soft mount kit Lotus

F5 - Solex 1200 carb overhaul kit

Solex 1200 carburettor overhaul kit

F6 - Zenith 1500 carburettor kit

Carb kit: Zenith 1500

F7 - Weber 28/36 carb kit

Carb kit: Weber GT

F8 - Fuel pump glass bowl

Fuel pump glass bowl limited stock left

F9 - Fuel pump repair kit

Fuel pump repair kit

F9R Fuel pump rebuild kit

Fuel Pump rebuild kit complete with all seals spring filter ...

F10 - Fuel line hose clamps (pair)

Fuel line hose clamps (pair)

F11 - Solex choke cable clip

Solex choke cable clip

F12 - Fuel hose fuel tank/GT weber connection

Fuel hose fuel tank/GT weber connection

F13 - Throttle rod bush (Bulkhead bracket)

Throttle rod bush (Bulkhead bracket)

F14 - Air cleaner gasket

Air cleaner rubber / gasket

F15 - Fuel tank sender seals10/62-10/64

Fuel tank sender seal fits up to 10/64

F15A - Fuel tank sender seals10/64-11/66

Fuel tank sender seal fits up to 10/64

F16 - Fuel filler neck hose saloon

Fuel filler neck hose Saloon

F17 - Fuel filler neck hose estate

Fuel filler neck hose Estate

F19 - Fuel sender filter

Fuel sender unit filter

F22 - Zenith 1500 carburettor diaphragm

Zenith 1500 carburettor diaphragm

F23 - Solex 1200 carburettor diaphragm

Solex 1200 carburettor diaphragm

F24 - Choke cable

Choke cable

F25 - Advance/retard pipe

Advance and retard pipe

F26 - Choke cable Lotus

Choke cable Lotus

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